Welcome to Royal Ammunition

Royal Ammunition was established in 2003 to assemble / load & pack center fire small caliber ammunition and quickly became well known among customers for its product quality, accuracy and performance. We’re proud to count the following among our customers:
  • Royal Guards
  • Royal Thai Army
  • Royal Thai Navy
  • Royal Thai Police
  • Royal Thai Air Force
  • Ministry of Defense
  • Department of Special Investigation
  • Ministry of Interior
  • Local Administration Department
  • Royal Thai Army Shooting Range
  • Shooting ranges and guns shops around Thailand
Our production range include following center fire ammunition

  • .45 ACP – FMJ, JHP, LRN, LSWC
  • .38 SUPER – FMJ, LRN
  • .9mm – FMJ, JHP, LRN, SWC

Our ammunition is loaded in accordance to SAAMI Standard USA, 100% visual inspected, test fired every lot and a copy of certificate is enclosed with every lot. This makes us one of the best quality manufacturers in South-East Asia.